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Les graines de cannabis CBD, un marché en progression


Person Holding Green Canabis

For several years now, cannabis is also being studied for its cannabidiol or CBD for a therapeutic purpose, but also for the field of cosmetics and as a food supplement. Some countries have even already adopted the use of CBD in the medical setting. As a follow-up to this, more and more farmers are refining their search for the best CBD cannabis seeds to get the best result and make the best crosses.


Cannabis CBD, a thriving global market

Un marché en plein boom dans le monde, le cannabis CBD fait parler de lui. En Suisse, selon les grands patrons des productions de cannabis, la moitié des consommateurs ont plus de 60 ans, ce qui illustre bien l'effet médical recherché et retrouvé dans le CBD.

Dans beaucoup de pays d'Europe, on constate un regain d'intérêt pour le cannabis CBD pour ses effets thérapeutiques et ses produits dérivés. Les malades et les personnes âgées sont les plus concernées. Dans d'autres pays comme le Canada, l'intérêt est tel que le produit est souvent en rupture de stock chez les distributeurs.


Juanita La Lagrimosa, variété à l'origine du CBD

Juanita La Lagrimosa is one of the 10 most concentrated varieties of cannabis in CBD, making it the ideal variety for medical use. For this, the Juanita La Lagrimosa won several cups in 2015.

This medical cannabis strain was obtained by crossing a Reina Madre plant and a Diesel that is a male from Mexico with a CBD level of 9% and a THC level of 7%. The effects of this variety are very relaxing and the rate of THC does not make you hover so far.

This medical marijuana variety, which is well known but rather rare, has fruity flowers and is cultivated in many environments.


Varieties derived from the Juanita La Lagrimosa

Thanks to an experiment with Juanita La Lagrimosa, several other varieties can be obtained, while keeping a high rate of CBD, but also a certain level of THC, and keeping the majority of the properties.

According to Ziva Cooper, Director of Cannabis Research at the University of California, "  The positive medical effects of CBD can be achieved by adding a certain amount of THC. CBD cannabis with 0% THC has not been proven yet.  "

The majority of the varieties obtained from crosses therefore have a genetics of both Sativa and Indica, which includes both CBD and THC content. The level of THC is such that the consumer will feel the therapeutic effects of cannabis (anti-inflammatory, painkiller, etc.) without being knocked out. Other varieties with a higher rate of THC will have clear and cerebral effects, but without the euphoria often associated with psychoactive cannabis.


The cannabis seeds CBD and their varieties are developed so that there is so much choice that tastes and desired effects in consumers. 


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